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About Us


Our goals towards being a sustainable business:

Le Savoir Fare conscientiously involves our clients in the agricultural climate solution movement. We do so by being an active member of the non-profit organization Zero FoodPrint, which manages the Restore California project. We participate by applying a 1% surcharge to our client’s meal, which helps fund renewable farming practices, with the goal of growing food with a focus on replenishing the soil.

Supporting soil health can help absorb carbon pollution from the atmosphere, improve water quality, and protect against drought, all while cultivating nutrient-rich foods.

This method is proven to be one of the most impactful initiatives yet towards solving global warming.

We are dedicated to environmentally-conscious methods of production:

  • We reduce our carbon imprint by sourcing seasonal produce from local organic farms that are actively taking part in the Sustainable and Regenerative agricultural movement. 

  • We are highly-conscious of food waste. We implement various techniques that allow us to utilize parts of ingredients that are otherwise thrown away. 

  • We recycle and compost.

  • We purchase energy-efficient, used, or refurbished equipment, and unplug when not actively in use. 

  • We’ve eliminated single-use plastic. 

We do monthly drop-offs to Smart Alternative Fuels, for the recycling of our cooking oils. 

We do not use toxic cleaners. 

We provide vegan and vegetarian options for our guests, to encourage consuming foods with fewer associated carbon emissions.

Our entire company is digitized to eliminate paper usage.

Eco-friendly packaging.


“Savoir Faire is a French expression originating in the 19th century, directly translating as “know how.” This expression has been used across a variety of industries to express the creativity, innovation, modernism, attention to detail, and luxury that make up the foundations of high-quality craftsmanship. Our spin on this expression is exchanging the French “faire” for the English “fare,” meaning “a range of foods.” This represents our ability to recreate a wide range of cuisines, with expertise. 


Our concept is to orchestrate an innovative farm-to-table, private, eco-conscious fine dining experience in the comfort of your home. We aim to restore the climate, one meal at a time. 


Our mission is to responsibly source high-quality produce from local organic farmers who are actively taking part in the Sustainable and Regenerative agricultural movement, so we can craft climate-friendly dishes. 


Our vision is to become a regenerative company that is part of the solution to the global climate crisis. 

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