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Le Savoir Fare is collaborating with a curated group of sustainable, eco-friendly artisans to create awareness of the importance of being kind to our planet while celebrating the beautiful art of craftsmanship.


We are honored to introduce our community of artisans:

Kai Lundgren-Williams 

Kai is originally from Massachusetts, has a background teaching philosophy and social sciences, studied woodworking at Laney College and Alabama Street studios. He started Kaimade woodworking in 2005.


“Wood releases the sun it accumulated through decades in a slow burn that lasts generations.  It radiates beauty.  It is my pleasure to honor this radiance and share it with people in the form of furniture, cabinets, and housewares.

I believe that the whole process, from salvaging trees at the mill, to enjoying dinner with friends and family around the table should reflect and inspire joy, integrity, and lasting relationships of care and mutual regard for all life. I optimistically build for a long future.”


Sarah Wright

Sarah was born and raised in the Bay Area, studied Art and Film in the U.K. and graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.A. Degree in Studio Art - concentrating in Ceramics and Painting. Since graduating, she has immersed herself in the ceramics world, relying on the art form as a therapy as well as an expression.


"The tangible creation of something original and functional, basically using earth and fire, has always been a wonder to me.  Simple and clean hand-made pottery holds a special place in my heart when it comes to creating a design of my own.

Experiencing working at Heath Ceramics, managing two Ceramics Studios, and getting the chance to be surrounded by a diverse community of artists has been a huge influence on my work from style to function." 

Matthew Mauger

Matthew was born in Oakland but has been a ceramicist in San Francisco for the past ten years, where he acquired a Studio Arts degree from SF State. Throughout the years Matthew developed a deep background in integrative and restorative justice, which led him to establish an art-based non-profit, focused on supporting local artists further their entrepreneurial paths.


Matthew's focus on community naturally led to sustainability, which has become one of the guiding principles to much of his work. Every process of his ceramics studios is highly conscious of waste. He created a system that would allow him and his members to make use out of what would usually be considered discardable material, by using reconstituted clay.


His work revolves around the blending of natural and earthen aesthetics with the contemporary minimalist movement. 


Chris Luong

Chris is a Houston, Texas native who has worked as a Director of Photography for nearly a decade. In Houston, he founded a production company named Sloan Visuals, specializing in cinema and photography to introduce storytelling to commercial and corporate spaces.

His work with Sloan Visuals brought him to join Lucid Motors, a luxury E.V. company in Silicon Valley, as their in-house cinematographer.

Chris is keen on working with passionate individuals who love to share their passion with the world!

"Le Savoir Fare has the opportunity to create awareness to a substantial group of people, regarding the important role that sustainability and regenerative agriculture play in slowing down global warming." 

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