How is the quote determined?

The price per person will be determined by the preferred experience and additional requested services. The price quote will be itemized, so you are never surprised by hidden fees.

What does the price include?

The price includes the initial consultation, tailored menu planning, and all of the food that is served throughout the dinner.

May I request specific luxury ingredients?

We encourage our guests to let us know if there are specific ingredients they would like to incorporate into their experiences! Pricing will be determined based on the amount being used of the ingredient in question.

Are tips included in the per person price?

Tips are not included in the per person price nor are they required. We do however appreciate and incentivize our guests to tip based on the quality of the food and service received instead of us implementing a service charge.

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

We accommodate nearly all dietary restrictions as long as they are clearly communicated during the initial consultation. We provide vegan and vegetarian options for our guests, to encourage consuming foods with fewer associated carbon emissions.

What is the maximum guest count per dinner?

We accommodate up to 12 guests for tasting menus and up to 20 guests for family-style dinners.

What is the minimum guest count per dinner?

We ask for a minimum of 6 guests for family-style dinners, and a minimum of 2 guests for the tasting menu experience

Can the initial guest count be adjusted?

Any changes to the guest count must be communicated at least 72 hours prior to the time of the event. Additions to the guest count within the 72-hour window will result in a fee increase to the original price per person.

What is your cancellation policy?

We kindly request the host to provide half of the total cost upfront. This initial payment is used as a non-refundable deposit in the event of cancellation.

Do you offer wine pairings?

Le Savoir Fare doesn’t supply alcohol, but if guests would like to curate a dinner around wine of their choosing, inform us during the initial consultation for consideration.

Where do you travel to?

We accept inquiries within 50 miles of San Francisco. Inquiries further than 50 miles from San Francisco will incur an additional traveling fee.

How long do the dinners last and how long before the event start time do you arrive?

The duration of the dinners typically lasts 2-3 hours depending on the experience you opt for. Our arrival time will be discussed with the host prior to the dinner.

Does Le Savoir Fare supply the plates for the dinner?

No, but we can help arrange a plate rental service for your convenience.

Do you have a waitstaff to assist in serving/clearing the dishes?

We do not employ additional waitstaff for our events, which is another reason why we limit the guest counts.

Does Le Savoir Fare specialize in a particular style of cuisine?

Le Savoir Fare’s founders have combined working experience on some of the world's biggest culinary stages spread over four continents. We enjoy mixing a European esthetic with international flavors.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We focus on ethically sourcing the highest quality ingredients directly from hyperlocal organic farms, ranches, and companies that are actively participating in the regenerative and sustainable movement.

Is the format of the experiences listed customizable?

Yes! We aspire to create your ideal environmentally friendly gastronomical experience.

What measurements are being taken due to COVID-19?

Creating a safe environment for everyone is our main priority and we adhere to strict CDC guidelines in and outside of event spaces. Even though we are fully vaccinated, for everyone's safety, we will only be sharing spaces when serving food at the dinner table.