We aim to restore the climate, one meal at a time

An Elegant Al Fresco Engagement Dinner P

Let’s eat our way out of the climate crisis!

Founded by Chefs, Le Savoir Fare recognizes that cooks share a very interesting relationship with the world. On one side, we tend to people, communities, and families, and perpetually seek a connection with the people that we nourish. On the other side, we are intimately connecting with nature and everything it has to offer. Therefore, we find ourselves continuously seeking out ways to harmonize our care for people, animals, and promotion of practices that are better for the environment.


Le Savoir Fare was created in the wake of the COVID pandemic and the unprecedented Lightning Complex Fires that were caused by global warming. These fires alone were responsible for scorching nearly  400,000 acres in California, thus resulting in dark red skies and the worst air quality in the world.


We came into this world fighting for our first breaths and do not plan on stopping now, but we cannot do it alone. We personally invite you to take a seat at our table to make a stand against irresponsible farming practices and wasteful production methods that harm our planet.


Join us on the front lines by supporting the Zero FoodPrint organization, the Regenerative Organic Alliance, and Le Savoir Fare