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Chef Yennifer Prada was born and raised in Venezuela, of Ecuadorian and Colombian descent. She is fortunate to have incredible cooks in her family, who continuously fused Venezuelan cuisine with Ecuadorian and Colombian flare. At the age of 17, she moved to the U.S to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Psychology; after graduating, she began her Associate of Science in Culinary Arts in Los Angeles. This transition was possible thanks to a very influential woman in her life who introduced her to the fine dining scene in her early years and sponsored her gastronomical education.


In Los Angeles, while volunteering at the All-Star Chef’s Classic, Chef Ludo Lefebvre offered her a position at Petit Trois. She was later transferred to his Michelin-starred restaurant, Trois Mec. After this incredible experience, she was approached with the opportunity to be the opening Sous Chef for Artemis & Apollo in Hong Kong, working alongside Le Savoir Fare’s co-founder Chef Andrée Lefuel.


After returning from Hong Kong, she moved to San Francisco to work for Chef Dominique Crenn, in her Michelin-starred restaurant, Bar Crenn. As the COVID-19 Pandemic led to the temporary closure of Bar Crenn and increased food insecurity within the community, she was presented with the opportunity to be the culinary manager of the Rethink Food Project running from Petit Crenn. Chef Yennifer is deeply committed to social and ecological renewal; she aspires to follow a regenerative lifestyle and hopes Le Savoir Fare will create consciousness and encourage others to do the same. 

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Yennifer Prada

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